Preview: Wood Essence Trio @ Sands Films (London, 7th June 2017)


Wood Essence Trio may well be a brand new project, set in motion by Phaxsi Coca, Camilo Menjura and Diego Laverde just a few months ago, but its roots go back centuries, unearthing the intense and fascinating history of Bolivian, Peruvian, Colombian and Venezuelan music.

From the indigenous souls of those countries to the cultural influences brought by European and African people in the region, Wood Essence Trio presents an original and dynamic way to engage with tradition.

The three London-based musicians exquisitely achieve that through their instruments. That’s where the name of the Trio comes from. Wood is indeed the essence and substance of their project. They play panpipes, guitar and arpa llanera, a choice made to highlight and intensify the bond between their music and the natural element and strip their sound down to joy, authenticity and warmth.

If you need to be musically soothed, cuddled or just want to listen to some inspiring Latin American tunes, on the 7th of June, Rotherhithe Sands Films is the place to be. TunedIn London will give you the opportunity to be blessed by the genuinely comforting, unique notes of Wood Essence Trio.





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