Preview: Yo Canto a la Diferencia – Online Streaming Event (Wednesday 19th August 2020)

Yo canto a la diferencia #3

For our next online streaming event we disturbed the memory of no less than Violeta Parra. That’s because the musicians who will be participating and showcasing their music throughout Yo Canto a la Diferencia (I sing to the difference) are keen keepers and boosters of the legacy and message of the Chilean singer/songwriter.

The five acts who will join us on YouTube on Wednesday 19th of August (from 6PM UK-time) are indeed voices from another Chile, a Chile that is currently struggling and suffering because of the COVID pandemic, but also fighting back, day after day, for basic social and civil rights. They are battling against corruption and dealing with an unresolved economic crisis that is crippling and paralyzing every activity and project, with culture and music hit the most.

We love to cite Violeta Parra saying that throughout the event you will have the pleasure to “attend” the performances of musicians who “no toman la guitarra por conseguir un aplauso” (don’t play guitar for getting a round of applause) and with their songs are showing that despite everything, Chilean music is livelier, more impassioned and inspired than ever.

Together with our friends at Movimientos and Sounds and Colours, we feel privileged to present to you…

Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna are dedicated and brilliant followers of the Chilean Nueva Cancion giants, like the aforementioned Violeta Parra and Victor Jara. Their sound moves from their country and its significant cultural heritage and meets with India “to create a joyful and complex music that mixes carnival with politics and expresses itself at the same time with fragility and verve”.

Newen Afrobeat, although unfortunately lockdown restrictions and online streaming limits won’t allow us to host a full Newen Afrobeat set. Still, the acoustic version that some of the musicians will give life to will surely do justice to the energy and drive of the “pure rhythm” big band from Santiago and their fusion of West African vibes and Chilean indigenous culture.

Carmen Lienqueo is a singer-songwriter, composer, charango player and percussionist, but most of all she is a true and sincere voice of her people, the Mapuche. Throughout her career, both solo and participating in projects like Mákina Kandela and Awita Wila, she has always been a keen promoter and advocate for indigenous causes and her songs are unequivocal depictions of the condition in which indigenous people live across Latin America.

Ruzica Flores is a rapper based in Santiago de Chile. With her straightforward and incisive rhymes and cutting-edge beats bringing on board electronic influences and industrial sounds, she unearths and portrays the Chilean urban everyday. So much so that you can identify her as a good and proper storyteller of her city’s and country’s undergrounds.

La Deyabu: after more than 15 years rhyming with Deyas Klan, in 2018 La Deyabu went solo to express her conscious and feminist lyrics even more freely. Just like Ruzica Flores, she’s a Santiago-based rapper and narrator of her city’s everyday life, has a brilliant way with words and plain-spoken points of view on religion, patriarchate and women’s plight in Chile. 

On Wednesday 19th from 6PM (UK Time) / 1PM (Chile Time) join us online for Yo Canto a la Diferencia. You will be in the “online” presence of some of the most gifted Chilean singers and songwriters who are making their emphatic voice heard in their country as well as abroad, because “si ellan levantan sus gritas no es tan sólo por gritar” (if they raise their screams, it’s not just to scream).

Please do note that to support the musicians participating and pay them a fee, we will be asking for a suggested donation from all viewers starting from £3. 

Follow the EVENTBRITE LINK, book your “online seat” and support music and the people who make it.

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