Online Stream: Middle East & North Africa Online Stream Special (Sunday 29th November 2020)


If on Sunday, you missed out our full-immersion in North African and Middle Eastern sounds, worry not! Head to our YouTube channel where you can fully re-catch the seven- hour-long online stream event organised together with our friends at University of Tropical Sound and featuring sets by Hazem Berrabah, Samedia Shebeen, Seb Cat from Rebel Up!, Cheb Gero from Akuphone, Nuri, Black Lulu and Carthnage plus the nifty visuals by Doppelganger, L’Aubaine, Dan Sonnino and Untitl3D.



The event was, and still is, FREE to watch. However, we kindly ask you to follow this PAYPAL LINK and donate as much as you wish to support the musicians and DJs who are struggling in these mad Covid-19 days.

Line Up:

Visuals by: Doppelganger, L’Aubaine, Dan Sonnino and Untitl3D.

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