Daily Discovery: A Vida by Cabruêra

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Mukambo Mixtape: Forró de Macumbeiro – Baião Temperado

This mixtape was inspired by the rising global trend of organizing forró balls, first in the Southeast of Brazil (São Paulo/Rio), then in the US and Europe. Not exactly the kind of forró I discovered in Pernambuco, at Chimchim da Baiana (Olinda) and such places. Another kind of forró and…

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Podcast: Radio Mukambo #476 – Umbundu Beats

Batida is back with a collection of remastered tracks, unreleased mixes and lost versions on Um, a title with a double meaning as it’s both number 1 in Portuguese as “hmm”, an Angolan sound to start many words in Umbundo language, the main language spoken in Huambo, the city where…

Artists: Alibombo , Ancient Astronauts , Batida , Battle of Santiago , Cabruêra , ChampetaMan , Faraon Bantu , Radar Station , Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork , Spyda MC

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