Daily Discovery: Eu sou um Africano – escravidão – DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar

‘Eu Sou Um Africano’ is extracted from DJ Tudo‘s brand new album Pancada Motor – Transformação e Cura out on May 25 via Selo Mundo Melhor.
The album is the outcome of a project started back in 2007, when the paulista musician, music producer, label manager and researcher began a series of field recordings in Brazil and 11 other countries.
The idea for this song arose from the recording made in May 2007 with the Congo 13 de Maio from Goiânia. It’s a traditional song by Congado Goiano which has always impressed me with the strength of its lyrics. Like many others in Afro-Brazilian culture, it deals with slavery. Even though slavery was abolished in 1888, the inequalities in Brazil are still very present“.
(Alfredo BelloDJ Tudo)

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