Daily Discovery: Gende – Orchestra GOLD

Combining Malian tradition with 1970’s Afro-rock, afrobeat and psychedelia, Oakland-based Orchestra Gold has created a very original music described as a ‘kaleidoscope of sound’. The project represents something unique that is both timeless and fresh

“Gende”, their latest single, comes from Segou, in Southern Mali and for Malians is usually associated with the interpretation of one of the greatest vocalist from that area, Tara Bouare.

The tune focuses on the positive aspects of life and reflects on the importance of family relationships, encouraging listeners to cherish their loved ones. It prods us to handle them with care and not mishandle them thoughtlessly also making a comparison between children and mirrors; ‘if you gaze at them too intently, they may shatter and leave you’.

You can find more info on Orchestra Gold’s Bandcamp page: https://orchestragold.bandcamp.com/track/gende-4

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