Daily Discovery: Ifriqiyya Electrique – Mashee Kooka

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Album Review: Ifriqiyya Électrique – Laylet El Booree [Glitterbeat Records; April 2019]

We are going to be honest from the beginning; listening to Ifriqiyya Électrique, as much as writing about them, is never straightforward. The plain and simple reason is because you need to go far beyond the music borders when approaching their music. Experiencing Ifriqiyya Électrique’s sound is a mystical, if…

Artists: Ifriqiyya Electrique

Playlist: “Journey” by François Cambuzat – Ifriqiyya Electrique (April 2019)

We are fond of musicians who can surprise us and who can afford to explore new traditions, consciously and respectfully experimenting with them. So, it’s with real pleasure that we share a playlist compiled for us by François Cambuzat, one of the architects who shaped the Ifriqiyya Electrique project, next…

Artists: Francois Cambuzat , Ifriqiyya Electrique

Album Review: Ifriqiyya Electrique – Rûwâhîne [Glitterbeat Records, 26th May 2017]

Rûwâhîne is the debut album from Ifriqiyya Electrique, a Franco-Tunisian collaborative project that will make your soul shake to fainting with their raw, sophisticated and daring amalgamation of Sufi chants and industrial grooves of metallic sonority. Imagine yourself rushing through a labyrinth in the middle of an electric thunderstorm. This…

Artists: Ifriqiyya Electrique

Interview: François Cambuzat – Ifriqiyya Électrique (June 2017)

There are some intense and unique cultural expressions that are too complex to describe if you haven’t experienced them first-hand. The ritual of Sidi Marzûq performed by the Banga community and occurring every year in the Djerid Desert in southern Tunisia is one of them. Luckily, we had the pleasure to…

Artists: Francois Cambuzat , Gianna Greco , Ifriqiyya Electrique

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