Daily Discovery: Jambada & Waggles Feat. Yung Locke & Ganabwoy – Busua (Samedia Trax)

Check out ‘Busua’, the brand-new Samedia Trax by Bristol-based DJs and producers Jambada & Waggles featuring vocalists Bodaman Naste, Yung Locke & Ganabwoy from the Busua region in Western Ghana.

“It’s here that Jambada formed an international partnership, to create a blend of High Life music with an electronic undertone. Coupled with Waggle’s expertise as a remix artist and producer, a fruitful collaboration is born.”

The tune is extracted from the eponymous EP available here: https://samediashebeen.bandcamp.com/album/samedia-trax-004-busua-ep

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