Daily Discovery: Karen y Los Remedios – Mi Gran Dolor – Music Video

Karen y los Remedios, a music project based in Mexico City, seeks to elevate and redefine cumbia, while staying true to its timeless essence for a new generation.

The trio’s debut album, Silencio, is a unique blend of various genres such as cumbia, lo-fi, dream pop, salsa, and electro pop, written during the pandemic lockdown.

“Mi Gran Dolor,” the first single from the album, and its music video emphasise the importance of self-protection in relationships, avoiding blindly accepting everything from one’s partner. The video was filmed in Guanajuato, a town in Central Mexico known for its silver mining history, andd features a metal heart buried in the forest, symbolising the ability to overcome life’s hardships.

Silencio will be released by ZZK Records on September 8th, 2023.

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