Daily Discovery: Mateo Kingman – Puerta de Sal (Official Music Video)

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Album Review: Mateo Kingman – Astro [AYA Records; July 2019]

‘Negative capability’ was a concept English Romantic poet John Keats used to describe a writer’s capacity to abandon certainty and – in pursuit of an artistic vision – venture off into the unknown. Taking a journey to Ixtlan rather than returning to Ithaka is what Mateo Kingman’s Astro is all…

Artists: Mateo Kingman

Album Review: Mateo Kingman – Respira [AYA Records, 12th August 2016]

Music is a medium with many powers. It can touch our deepest emotions, it helps us process feelings, it conveys joy, sorrow, melancholy and any other possible shade of the emotional spectrum. Among its many wizardries, music holds one wonderful power that other media simply cannot equal; the power to…

Artists: Mateo Kingman

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