Daily Discovery: Nasip Kismet – Mihriban @Szimpla Kert

Nasip Kismet are a Budapest-based quartet formed in 2019
The band, led by Turkish-born Arif Erdem Ocak, focuses its sound on Turkish contemporary and traditional folk music, which the musicians blend with jazz, psychedelia and Balkan influences.
The sextet recently released their first EP, available here: https://ffm.to/nasip-kismet

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Interview: Q&A with Nasip Kismet – Sparkles of Serendipity (June 2022)

In times of social distancing, travel chaos and restrictions, it’s uplifting to meet up (even if only figuratively speaking) with people who made cultural and musical inclusivity and collectivism their credo. Since the meaning of  the band’s name (‘serendipity’ in English), Nasip Kismet is a breath of fresh air in the…

Artists: Arif Erdem Ocak , Daniel Mester , Derya Ocak , Nasip Kismet

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