Daily Discovery: Poirier – Café Com Leite (Boogát Remix)

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Podcast: Radio Mukambo #474 – Maloya Power

This week Radio Mukambo travels to Reunion Island in the Indian ocean off the east coast of Africa for some powerful maloya music sung in Réunion Creole by LiNDiGo. Their 7th album “Kosa Néna” is our cd of the week, released by the French label Hélico Music. We listen to…

Artists: Elida Almeida , Guiss Guiss Bou Bess , Kodjovi Kush & Afrospot All-Stars , Kosmo Sound , Lindigo , Nongoma , Poirier , The Anthronauts , The Mabon Dawud Republic

Mix: Poirier – ‘Musicien du Monde’ (August 2020)

A couple of months ago, on the 19th of June, Canadian musician, producer and DJ Poirier released his eleventh album titled Soft Power on Wonderwheel Recordings. Anticipated by “Café Com Leite” (featuring Flavia Coelho) and “Sim Bombei” (with Samito), Soft Power is a fresh, dancy and wide-ranging chapter in Poirier’s over 20-year long career, stretching…

Artists: Poirier

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