Daily Discovery: Pororoka – Витоки

Pororoka is a dark-folk band founded in Kyiv in 2017.

The name of the project translates to “wave of the river,” a wave that appears twice a year on the Amazon River when the Atlantic Ocean penetrates into it.

The band’s music is a mix of three different types of voices, grunge guitar, gentle bandura (traditional plucked string instrument) and piano, and djembe. While the lyrics of their songs touch subjects like love and death, man’s fate and life. Their artistic aim is to represent the culture and history of their country in an original and personal way.

The band’s latest release, “Vytoky” (which means “origins”) is a song devoted to their roots, but also keen to expand and go beyond them.

More info here: https://pororoka.bandcamp.com/

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