Daily Discovery: Rodrigo Amarante – Maré [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Brazilian singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger Rodrigo Amarante just released ‘Maré’, a new single anticipating his second solo album Drama, out July 16 on Polyvinyl Record Co.: https://rodrigo-amarante.ffm.to/drama
You may know Rodrigo Amarante already. You may have heard “Tuyo,” his theme tune to the Netflix drama Narcos, or the Little Joy album, recorded with Fab Moretti and Binki Shapiro, you might have noted his name among the credits on songs by Gal Costa, Norah Jones and Gilberto Gil; or perhaps you saw him play live with Brazilian samba big band Orquestra Imperial, or with Rio rockers Los Hermanos; you really should have heard his debut album, Cavalo, released in 2014. You may think you know Rodrigo Amarante already, but Drama, his second solo album, is going to introduce a whole new level of confusion to the mix.”


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