Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol.42 – Giacomo Lee

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Atlantic Lipsss starts off with one of the most slept on indie releases from last year by South Korea’s 75a. It then explores the best synth-pop, future funk, dream music and art rock from Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

There’s footwork from Foodman, plunderphonic fun from In the Blue Shirt, plus more great Korean music from electronica duo Twomyung. There’s also some dance and downtempo. Hell, there’s even a bit of rap from a fresh little mash-up featuring Japan’s Koutei Camera Gal on the mic.

This mix will truly take you places….

Track List:

1. 75a – Taipei
2. Kosmo Kat – Natsu no hōchi purei (3.32)
3. LLLL ft. Yeule – Dance and Kill (7:34)
4. Pasocom Music Club – Mobile Dog House¥ (13:05)
5. 食品まつり aka Foodman  – Kitekudasai (17:48)
6. Utae – Sumeru (20:55)
7. Numeric SeeHearTer – Chwihagosip Eunbam (25:23)
8. Shinamo Moki ft. Meuko Meuko – Artificial Beach (28:27)
9. Twomyung – Slow Dive [inst.version] (32:52)
10. Bonjour Suzuki – Ano Mori de Matteru [Oyasumi Version] (36:50)
11. Lolica Tonica feat. Yura Mari – Luv Charm (41:15)
12. In the Blue Shirt – Secret Crush (45:08)
13. Koutei Kingdom – Shox Wash [Piccolo Slam’s little mash] (47:35)

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