Mukambo Mixtape: Forró de Macumbeiro – Baião Temperado

Mukaboclo 2017 crop

This mixtape was inspired by the rising global trend of organizing forró balls, first in the Southeast of Brazil (São Paulo/Rio), then in the US and Europe. Not exactly the kind of forró I discovered in Pernambuco, at Chimchim da Baiana (Olinda) and such places. Another kind of forró and another kind of dancing, more elaborated, more sophisticated, more complex. Not the basic two-step forró pé de serra but some kind of forró de gafieira or a salsa/gourmet version of the Pernambucan rhythm.

What most people who dance this new version ignore, is that it was born in southeastern Brazil as a way to be better, more educated than those cabloclos from the Northeast. So let me take it back to the roots and right into the 21st century with some forró de rabeca and digital baião.


  1. DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar – Baião Antigo
  2. Barbatuques – Baião Destemperado
  3. MassaranDub – Rabeca Celestial
  4. Cláudio Rabeca – Mola de Ratoeira
  5. DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar – Baião do Mundo
  6. Forró de Rebeca – Despedida (DJ Tudo remix)
  7. Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Baião Ambiental
  8. Mental Abstrato & DJ Tahira – Baião (Original Mix)
  9. Rafa da Rabeca – Tapera De Palha
  10. Sociedade Recreativa feat. Papet J – Boa Noite
  11. Sociedade Recreativa – Fulô de Laranja
  12. Marinho – Baculejo Bar da Polvora (FurmigaDub remix)
  13. DJ Dolores – A Dança da Moda
  14. Chico Correa – Baião Lo-Fi (Chico Correa remix)
  15. Zé Brown – Eu Valorizo
  16. DJ Tudo – Baiao de Viola – É o dedo
  17. Atômico MC&FurmigaDub feat. Alex Madureira – Forró do Ragga
  18. Alex Madureira – Forró da Lomba (FurmigaDub)
  19. FurmigaDub – Rabeca Nervosa (Original Mix)
  20. Adriano Salhab – A Rabeca Secreta
  21. Cabruêra – Forró Esferogra
  22. Marginal Men & Ubunto – Baião De Antonio



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