A Celebration Of Fela Kuti With Bukky Leo & Black Egypt


It is very difficult to put into words the significance and stature of an individual like Fela Kuti, and his contribution to music, politics and culture across the twentieth century.

A pioneer of Afrobeat - a genre of which he was at the forefront - Fela gifted the world with songs such as 'Beasts of No Nation' and 'Water Get No Enemy '- a “celebration” is perhaps fitting of a man who has given so much to us.

We’re very lucky to have his former bandmate Bukky Leo and his Black Egypt collective retell many of the Nigerian multi-instrumentalist’s hits at the Jazz Café.

The show will also serve as the album launch for Bukky's new record, Tribute To Fela Vol. 1, which is a live recording from his last Fela show at Jazz Cafe.


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