Afrospot is back in the house with vibe full of culture. Come early. It will be a night to remember.

Kodjovi Kush performing tunes from his debut piece of art (Agbajazz).

Guitar legend Abdul Tee-jay will bless the night with the roots of High Life and calipso music call Palm Wine.

special guest appearance also from Kishon Khan the piano master with his Afro Cuban combination.

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Podcast: Radio Mukambo #471 – Budapest Groove x Kampala Fire

Radio Mukambo takes you to Budapest to discover the pioneering Hungarian afrobeat group The Mabon Dawud Republic. The young band already toured in Ghana where they recorded with highlife legend Pat Thomas and vocalist and kologo player Stevo Atambire. Their debut LP is our cd of the week, on out…

Artists: Ancient Astronauts , Bial Hclap , Dedy Dread , El Gran Capitán , Keila Abeid , Kodjovi Kush And Afrospot All Stars , KRAUT , La Chiva Gantiva , Nuri , Raul Monsalve Y Los Forajidos , Sonido Gallo Negro , The Mabon Dawud Republic

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