Amazon Beat 4 Fundraiser ▲▲▲



Welcome to the fourth AMAZON BEAT event, a one-day family friendly festival of film, music, workshops, art & the environment. Connecting to the Amazon rainforest, Amazonian indigenous culture, climate change and Latin American music.

We have new films and an amazing selection of art and herbal medicine & permaculture workshops planned.

Come down during the day and visit the film tent, participate in a workshop (more to be confirmed), enjoy a meal, talk, check the info stalls, dance, and enjoy and inform yourselves.

Then in the evening enjoy tropical music from Bombotropics Djs will bd djing with special live musician guests to be confirmed too!

We will be fundraising for:

1. Bamboo home building in Esmereldas (Ecuador). The aim of the project is to build 4000 houses from Bamboo to house people affected by the recent earthquake. This project is coordinated by Manuel Pallares, more info on his facebook page. More details of their foundation to come.

2.Indigenous womens project in Moretecocha, Amazonian Ecuador. Film link regarding their community here:

3.Mundurku Campaign (Brazil) through Mundurku portrait art sales. See info below and awareness video here

Film Area / 2-7.30pm

▲Alo, Alo Amazonia▲ Directed by Gavin Andrews

For over 50 years the radio program "Alo, Alo Amazonia” has been relaying messages between isolated communities on the riverbanks of the Amazon. The film immerses us in the everyday life of the Amazon people, characterised by messages of all kinds – travel arrangements, birthday greetings, messages of love and unpaid debts.

▲UCHUNYA - Where Will We Live?▲

Deforestation by palm oil in Peruvian Amazon is effecting Shipibo indigenous ancestral lands in the Ucayali region. This is a short advocacy film made this year, that will be followed up by a longer film.

▲“On the Bank of the Xingu River - The Unheard Voices”▲ Directed and produced by Rafael Salazar & Damià Puig

A Xingu river trip unveils in its banks numerous people, who have been living in the region for their whole lives, will be affected by the possible construction of the hydroelectric power plant of Belo Monte. Reports of riparian, indigenous, farmers, inhabitants of the region of Altamira, in the Amazon, as well as specialists in the field are all part of this complicated puzzle that this big enterprise carries within itself. Thoughts that bring to light the obscure past of this controversial project and elucidate the uncertain future of these people and of their surroundings.

▲Amazon Beat curated short Film Program and poetry by Noel▲
to be confirmed and publicized shortly.


▲Andy O'Rourke▲
Welsh based spray artist presents his portraits of Munduruku and Indigenous People


▲Herbal Medicine▲
Community herbalist Rasheeqa of Hedge Herbs will guide a group herbal tea tasting introducing the idea of getting to know a medicinal plant through personal connection and sensory experience. Find out about our native plant medicine heritage and its connections with ecological justice struggles around the world. 3-4pm

▲Permaculture▲ tbc

▲Capoiera ▲ Roda/Circle with Paulinha and Capoiera BemVindo & friends

▲Art Mural with ▲Larry Lorenz▲
London based artist Larry will work with people during the day to porduce a a mural that will be donated to a local community project
Larry Lorenz:


▲BomboTropical Djs ▲

▲Udigrudi & Nina Miranda▲
Udigrud will be bringing some fresh cumbias from her recent Colombian adventures and no doubt some special Brazilian tunes.
Nina Miranda, accomplished singer/band leader will be bringing on the latin vibes. Time to dance;-0

▲Junior Otamon▲
Brazilian dj Junior is a regular and deep selector of all things latin/african/roots

▲LIVE MUSIC 7-11pm exact times tbc▲

Formed in 1994 in the UK, Kausary has a repertoire of traditional Andean and contemporary Latin sounds. Styles typical of the Andean highlands, coastal lowlands, Amazon basin and forest, Cuban, Latin are all played with a depth of emotion unequalled. ...

▲Fermin Pavez▲
South American singer songwriter

▲ Drum Song interactive song and rhythms▲
with Nadia Al Faghih Hasan & guests


▲Documentary Photography▲
Munduruku Indians Photo Story
Anderson Barbosa / Fractures Collective


▲Tribu Spirit▲
Tribu Spirit works together in a "one on one" personal level with indigenous communities around the world to produce and sell high quality indigenous arts, crafts and products in a completely fair- trade manner.

▲Shipibo crafts from womens group in Peru▲

▲ Christina's Cacoa treats▲

▲TAGUA & Marta's facepainting▲
A sustainable alternative to ivory
, Tagua is the seed of a tropical palm tree grown in South America. To make our jewels we use seeds from Phytelephas Macrocarpa and Phytelephas Aequatorialis, both found in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador and most known to produce the best quality Tagua Nuts.
Just one Tagua Palm Tree can produce every year the same quantity of ivory as the average female African elephant in all its life does.
We believe that our natural and eco-friendly jewels contribute to the conservation of the rainforests, protect the elephants from extinction and help the local communities with a source of income.

Black cat Cafe
Vegan food from Hackneys famous vegan cafe

2pm-11pm ▲ £5-8 Suggested donation
Bring your own alcoholic drinks for free.
All Day (incl evening) ticket £8. Evening ticket 7:30-11pm £5

Previous Amazonbeat1-3 Fundraising Information

The Mundurku people & Tapajós river hydroelectric dam projects

The funds raised from the donations at the first Amazon Beat event sent to the Munduruku people have been directed partly to an association based at Middle Tapajós river and some of the funds to their social movement.
The association is called "Pariri" and it supports seven (7) Munduruku villages at Middle Tapajós river (near Itaituba city). It is coordinated at the moment by Rozeninho Saw Munduruku, who has reported to have invested the funds to provide 2 months internet for his village, where the association is based.
Their social movement is called "Ipereg Ayu" and it is coordinated by the strong female warrior Maria Leusa Kaba Munduruku. They are based in the Upper Tapajós river region, at Jacareacanga town, and it is articulated with all Munduruku associations and villages at Mundurukania (all their territory along the Tapajós river). The other part of the funds raised at Amazon Beat was sent to them and is being invested in their next general meeting, in April 2016.

Amazonbeat2 funds has been earmarked for subtitling Munduruku documentary 'Weaving Resistance' into the local Munduruku language and printing documentary photographs by Anderson Barbosa (who has been documenting the Munduruku for the last 4 years) to raise money and awareness of/for the Munduruku struggles.

Alianza Arkana, A Peruvian NGO working with indigenous Shipibo people in the fields of Permaculture, Intercultural Education and Ecosocial Justice.

'Alianza Arkana is hugely grateful to Amazon Beat for the first event in October which raised 150 pounds for the organisation. This went towards Nomabaon Nete, a Shipibo-led NGO that we are mentoring. Rebeca Melendez, the president of Nomabaon Nete, has worked with Alianza Arkana in ecosanitation and work with women and girls for three years. in 2015 she set up her own NGO with our support that provides workshops to girls between the ages of 11-18 across the themes of sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, sanitation, self empowerment, leadership, media representation of race and gender, plant medicines, and pride in Shipibo culture. In November 2015 Nomabaon Nete ran its first 5 day residential workshop bringing together girls from 4 different rural communities, in the community of Santa Rosita.

Amazonbeat2+3 funds raised will go towards documentary film production of Peruvian Pail Oil Deforestation affecting Shipibo and other local populations


This is a volunteer run non-profit event with the intention to collaborate and share, and we are looking for people to get involved in this and future events.

Hive Dalston allows you to ring your own alcoholic drinks for free.

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