Atongo Zimba


Atongo Zimba was born in the savannahs of northern Ghana in 1967. His grandfather taught him how to play the koliko or molo – a two-stringed calabash lute – at a very young age. Atongo’s family are cowherders and he used to play his molo and compose his own songs minding the family’s herd.


Like many of his contemporaries, Atongo was enthralled by the sounds of Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat. Inspired, he left his home town and became the opening act for Fela Kuti at his legendary club, The Shrine.


Atongo Zimba and his band have performed at major festivals all over the world and are now touring the UK to promote his brand new CD Sankuni which marks a return to his acoustic roots.


Atongo’s very distinctive voice has been described as “cleaving through the air like a sparrow”. He is accompanied by African percussion and electric guitar.


“Feisty uptempo dance tunes to brilliant molo and percussion feast” Songlines

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