Balkan Sonik


Fred Balkayou & Gino will host the night for this very special "Balkan Sonik"

Mash up tunes, Balkan Bootlegs, Electro Swing, Gypsy and Klesmer music.

Warning !! The Trio "Baltic Balkan" from Lithuania will make you Party Like The Last Time in Your Life!


BALKAN SONIK diligently bring you the highest quality soirees around. Some describe the striking, upbeat sound as 'music of the last great depression brought up to date for the current one'' and it's taking over London's dancefloors. Think of the illicit fun of the Jazz Age, mix in Eastern European, Swing and Arabic flavour and then add the cutting edge sounds of modern electronic percussion.


BALKAN SONIK fuses influences such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, House, Drum&Bass, and Twisted Electronica. Here you will find computer versus accordion, sampler versus trumpet and drumbox versus derbouka. This party is one that is in full swing!
Get ready to sweat!


"Baltic Balkan" (Special Guest)


Three men and a the iconic dog Pitchka appeared on Baltic clubbing scene in the year 2008. The Baltic Balkan took Lithuanian audience by storm and have performed alongside the side such as Mahalai Rai Banda, Parno Graszt and The No Smoking Orchestra, Dj Click, and Gaetano Fabri.


Their Debut album Katapulta EP released on August 3, 2012 on Maasto Records (Finland) is a unique collaboration between two driving forces in the Vilnius alternative world music scene; the fire-setting balkan / gypsy / klezmer DJ unit Baltic Balkan, and the minimal post brass outfit Banda Dzeta. The lyrics of "Katapulta" describe a romantic story about a magical catapult, delivering sounds that can break all musical and political walls.

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