Comida Fest 2018 in Greenwich


FREE ENTRY * 30 TRADERS * THE BEST VIBEFULL PROGRAMME HERE:'s time to return to Greenwich and open our Summer Season 2018! Get hungry for pleasing your palate with traditional and new flavours from snacks to desserts, healthy and smoked from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru and more!Our regulars will be there: Café Pacifico, Guasacaca, Porteña, Smokoloko, Tayrona, Quinoa Food, Sambazon, Brazilian Churros, Tico’s, Beijummy, Lovely Obly, El Cafecito, Mason's Fruit Salad Bar, Shocka's Coconut, .And some exciting new treats: Cuban Box, Nyb's, Old El Paso, Salshipapa and Manioca.Try drinks of all sorts from the best Margarita in London, to Latin American beers, juices and soft drinks.Comida Fest brings Latin American music with local artists, bands from the hood and some DJs from around the bloc to across the ocean. You will shake your calories off learning some Latin American moves in free dance classes learning salsa, Zumba and more!Integrating the folklore of the Latin American countries we invite dance groups to perform, bringing colourful historical costumes and beats to the festival.Comida Fest is an event for the families and all ages and there are activities for the KIDS, with face painting, storytelling, workshops and more!!!

Content Related To These Artists

Podcast: Radio Mukambo #522 – Meus Brasis

“Meus Brasis”, my Brasils, not one sound but various sounds, not the typical samba, forró or sambareggae you’re used to, but the sounds of the northeast and the north, and the digital productions of the 21st century. It almost all comes from two albums by two of the greatest ambassadors…

Artists: Alex Figueira , Baianas de Ipioca , Capoeira Soundsystem , Cie Tambor Y Canto , Dj Tahira , Doña Onete , ILU OBA DE MIN , Maga Bo , Renata Rosa , Tahira

Mukambo Mixtape: Chico Science Vive – Viva o Manguebeat

Tribute to Chico Science, the Brazilian Fela Kuti, godfather of manguebeat. His crossover of Pernambucan traditions like maracatu, coco, ciranda & embolada with ’90s culture (hip-hop, rock) gave birth to a whole new style and movement called manguebeat, the beat of the mangrove. With his tragic death in 1997, the…

Artists: Alafia , Anita Garyballdi , BerraBoi , Chico Science , Criolo , Dj Dolores , Dj Mam , Dj Tahira , Dona Cila do Coco , FurmigaDub , Gaspar Z’Africa Brasil , Maga Bo , Nação Zumbi , oQuadro , Os Nelsons , Radiola Serra Alta , Sacassaia , Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde , SUPERSAN

Mix: Mukambo’s Pan-Afrobeat Mixtape

Twenty+ years after Fela Kuti‘s death, afrobeat seems to be more alive than ever! Over the past two decades, afrobeat bands have arisen in the four corners of the earth, some paying homage to Fela, other playing their own blend of afrobeat, mixing their roots with Fela Kuti and Tony…

Artists: Ajate , Alma Afrobeat Ensemble , Bantu , Cacique 97 , Carapaus Afrobeat , Dj Tahira , Fanga , IFA , Jorge Ben , Les Frères Smith , Newen Afrobeat , NY.KO , Tonho Crocco , Tony Allen

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