Cuban Combination / Selecta Mad Max


Come and dance your heart out to Cuban Combination – a lively collection of some of the biggest artistic talents in the UK! Selecta Mad Max is on the decks afterwards, bringing you tropical bass in a big way! Come and fiesta at the Fox - just £3 entry.

♬♬ Cuban Combination Orquesta ♬♬

Cuban Combination is exactly what you need to liven yourself up!

As the name implies, it's a Cuban combination of some of the biggest artistic talents in the UK. From danzon and traditional Cuban son to salsa and merengue styles, including funk and R&B fusion.

♬♬ Selecta Mad Max ♬♬

Tropical bass, zouk bass, dnb, ragga... Coming from a background of soundsystem culture, Selecta Mad Max soon found the connection with ragga and jungle and incorporated these influences into his sets.

A DJ that has always been driven by bass heavy music, Max’s performances highlight the depth of his music collection, with good vocal skills and the ability to switch genres at any moment, not to mention having a bunch of killer dubplates at the ready.

FREE before 9pm, £3 after

Twitter: @FoxFirkin
Instagram: @foxandfirkin
316 Lewisham High St, SE13 6JZ

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