Dur-Dur Band + Animanz


Dur-Dur BAND International (Somali Music Band) were formed in the early 80s in Mogadishu, influenced by a disparate mix of the likes of Bob Marley, Santana, James Brown and Michael Jackson, as well as the traditional sounds of Somali folk music. They created a unique sound, characterised by driving, funky guitars and sax, spacey keyboards and high octave vocals - which fitted into the rich tapestry of a scene quickly becoming known as ‘Moqadishu Funk’.

Fast forward to last year and Analog Africa are once again shining a light on this legendary band. After years of tracking down and lovingly restoring some of Dur-Dur's recordings, a compilation of the bands work was released in September 2018.

We're very excited that Dur-Dur Band have reformed, centred around their longest serving memeber's Abdillahi Ujeery and Mohammed Karama, and feature the vocal talents of the legendary Somali singer Fadumina Hilowleh.

They bring their Moqadishu Funk back to London this summer in an extremely rare opportunity to catch the band live.

Animanz open the show on the evening; renowned for their chemistry, raw energy and dynamism on stage, their performances are a live phenomenon not to be missed.

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