Fat Hat Collective in London. The Inexplicables / Binbag Wisdom


The Fat Hat Collective are back at their favourite London haunt and they're bringing the hip-hop / reggae / drum 'n' bass sounds of Bristol with them!! This time we have.....


Unique and unexpected live dance music from the roots of Bristol.

The Inexplicables defy explanation; their unique blend of live dance music bounds with energy and originality. Driven by beatbox and sumptuous vocals with tricky wordplay, raw bass and rich sax melodies: they take on you on a visceral journey through reggae, hiphop and roots to jungle, jazz and drum 'n’ bass.

Since exploding onto the UK festival circuit ‘Sunrise Battle of The Bands’ winners The Inexplicables have played many of the UK’s major festivals such as Boomtown, Secret Garden Party, Beautiful Days, Eden, Beatherder, Nozstock and Sunrise, to rave reviews.

They’ve packed out some of the best known venues in the country, with headline slots allover London including the world famous Troubadour, Hootananny’s, Passing Clouds, and The Magic Garden.

They have toured internationally with dates in Leipzig and Chemnitz (Germany), Amsterdam, and Mandrea (Italy) alongside national tours headlining Beaverworks in Leeds, Komedia in Bath and The Pheonix in Exeter amongst many other major venues.

“It is dance music, but not as the mainstream media would recognise it, this is world and indeed worldly dance music, a sort of universal currency that could be exported anywhere on the globe and be recognised for just how encompassing it is, not to mention brilliant.” — Dave Franklin, theswindonian.co.uk






Bris-hop 4 Piece, Binbag Wisdom, are so hot right now! Born from hunger and high-end homelessness, Binbag Wisdom have refined their busking extravaganza and brought their show to stages worldwide. Blending live band hip-hop beats with elements of reggae, jazz, funk and the booming conscious rap styles of MC Binbags. Flitting between darkness and light, a constant contradiction: heartfelt and flippant, serious and stupid, Binbag Wisdom will delight your ear canals.

“Yeah just make up whatever you want me to say” – Sam Garrard (Helios Academy of Music, Ushti Baba)

“We are the best thing to happen for a while I think.” – MC Binbags (Binbag Wisdom)





Posh Pete spins a mixture of reggae, jungle and D'n’B in clubs across the UK. He has supported some of the biggest names in the scene and hosts a weekly radio show on Distinct FM every Sunday evening. He is also a proud member of the Positive Vibrations crew!

Free before 8pm / £7 after

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