Festival Del Bullerengue W/ Cumbe (wed)


Celebrating colombian culture this 22 JUNE | FESTIVAL DEL BULLERENGUE with CUMBÉ @ LatinCorner 283 Camden Road, London N7 0JN – FREE ENTRY – 


El festival de Bullerengue en Puerto escondido, Colombia is coming to London this 22nd June. will be a celebration and Live music with Cumbé. FREE ENTRY!! Join us!


Venue: The Latin Corner273 Camden Road London N7 0JN


Bookings: [email protected]


Live music, food & drinks.


CUMBÉ Energetic Afro-Colombian folklore combining dance, irresistible rhythm and traditional songs. This band from different parts of Colombia has a sole purpose of bringing people together, in an attempt to evoke the warmth, power and simplicity of traditional Colombian music to the eclectic city of London. www.myspace.com/cumbe.music


The Festival looks for recovering and spreading the ancient Afro culture expressed in Bullerengue, black dance of voices, drums and claps that had been forgotten by younger generations. Likewise, the Festival aims to join bullerengueros coming from the Colombian Caribbean area together in one geographic location, and to spread this folk tradition among all kinds of audiences.


It began in 1988 in the Colombian village of Puerto Escondido in the department of Córdoba. It is held annually during three days at the end of June, so that it coincides with Saint John´s Feast. It is organized by Fundación Festival Nacional del Bullerengue de Puerto Escondido.
As a member of the Caribbean Node of the National Network of Colombian Traditional Music Festivals, it focuses on the music from the West-Caribbean region of the country, especially on the genre of Bullerengue, with its airs Bullerengue sentao, Chalupa and Fandango.

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