Focus Africa Music Festival 2017 – 10 Hours Music Non Stop


Focus Africa Music Festival 2017 is a brand new multicultural musical showcase in the heart of London, at RichMix, East London’s No1 independent arts venue. Over 40 Artists/Musicians/DJs from Congo, Senegal, Zimbabwe, UK, Ireland, Cameroon, Mozambique, St Lucia, Ghana, and Mauritius

Welcome to our very own first music festival ever with the best line-up that we could have dreamt of.

Thanks to everyone who supported our Crowdfunding campaign and help our dream come true.

Thanks to and Arts Council England

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*KANDA BONGO MAN (The pioneer of Soukous Music – Congo)
*NATTY and JOSH OSHO (Vibes and Pressure UK Acoustic tour)
*DENNIS BOVELL (The legend of Reggae – UK/Jamaica)
*HARARE (Mbira, Marimba – Zimbabwe)
*KADIALLY KOUYATE (Kora – Senegal)
*MUNTU VALDO (Sawa Blues – Cameroon)
*NATIVE SUN (Hip Hop – UK/Mozambique/St Lucia)
*KASAI MASAI (Soukous – Congo)
*LINO VERSACE (Coupe' Decale' - Ivory Coast)


T-Roy on the set (Broadcite – UK/Ghana)
Snuff (Ireland)
Ritu (UK)
Debbie (UK)
Africathy (UK)
Volta 45 (UK/Ghana)
Soul Provider (UK)
Jamie Renton (UK)
JP Kairo (Mauritius)

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Limited early Birds; £20

Limited Advanced £25

Limited Advanced plus £30

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KANDA BONGO MAN (The pioneer of Soukous Music – Congo)

It's a great honor for Focus to have such an icon performing at Focus Africa Music Festival 2017 as a Very Special Guest.
Over the last three decades Kanda Bongo Man has remained one of the African continents most influential artists, having been an instrumental innovator in the changing sound of soukous music.

The man who gave the world the infectious Kwasa Kwasa dance and one of the first pioneers of he African Soukous music. His exhilarating performances are fast moving and exciting combinations of dance music and dance moves rooted deep in the Congolese tradition. As the famous saying goes –

“If Kanda Bongo Man doesn’t make you want to dance, call an ambulance; you are dead!"

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NATTY (Reggae – UK)

Following his Top 20 debut album, 'Man Like I', Natty is back with his highly anticipated second album 'Release The Fear', a future-roots, concept album that takes us on a journey through love, redemption, self-identity and unity.
Described by the Telegraph as a "soul-reggae crossover sensation" Natty is an artist who brings the revolutionary spirit of the 60s and 70s into current times. The Sunday Times praised his lyrics as "sharply focused" and his songs as "free from production trickery".
Seven years in the making, 'Release The Fear' reflects Natty's spiritual and sonic progression, bringing forward cosmic and mindful energies through his unmistakable delivery.
The first single of the album, 'I'm Alive', is a catchy proclamation of faith and a declaration of thanks for new times and new energies. It is accompanied by an evocative and visually stimulating animated video.
Other inspiring songs include 'Street lights', a fast paced, high energy beat that dares us to reconnect with each other and the space around us, as well as 'Stand up in Love' which calls for a truly unifying love that transcends conventional boundaries.
Sonically, 'Release The Fear' is genre straddling whilst retaining an authentic, roots / soul / Afrocentric identity, amalgamating into what Natty describes as "futureroots". Recorded live, the album has a unique sound with tracks ranging from the delicate and hypnotic 'Rainclouds' to the militant and arousing 'Change' featuring Busy Signal and Albarosie.
Since parting with his major label, Natty has been hard at work building his own unique brand, independently releasing an award-winning EP, set up his record label Vibes & Pressure and a monthly club night by the same name. Still very active on the live music circuit, the North Londoner has hit the stages of SWSW, Radio 1's Big Weekend, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Reading & Leeds and the BBC Electric Proms.
Natty has also toured the USA supporting Ziggy Marley and travelled to Zimbabwe, Brazil, Japan and Europe performing for local crowds.
Previously receiving the support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, ITV, MTV, 'Later with Jools Holland' amongst others, Natty is excited to embark on his new project and share his message of love with the rest of the world.
The album 'Release The Fear' is out on 29h February 2016 and will be toured nationally from 7th March 2016.

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DENNIS BOVELL / The Dub Master (The legend of Reggae – UK/Barbados)

Dennis Bovell is a British reggae legend and a musical genius. He is the originator of Lover's Rock and the producer of big hits such as 'Silly Games' (Janet Kay) and 'After Tonight' with his band Matumbi, Alpha Blondy and many others.

Dennis BovellL is also a singer and multi-instrumentalist and has released several dub albums in his time. All with a unique creativity as he experiments with various styles and musical influence.
Please welcome Mr Dennis Bovell for an exceptional Dj set and MC

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Josh Osho presents Meloki Hope. A moreish fusion of his greatest Musical Ancestors, Jeff Buckley, Lauryn Hill, Terry Callier, Joni Mitchell, Ben Harper and Donny Hathaway, Hope finds himself in a blissful sonic purgatory that sees his sound osolate between dark and desolate to paradisaical ecstasy, the crimson of The Blues to the pasture greens of Gaelic Folk the messenger of our Eternal hope through Music, a tale long told but a reminder of all our truest potentials.
Having toured as Josh Osho extensively across Europe/ North America/ Canada & Latin America streets and stages alike, Meloki Hope inspired by the way of the Griot, continues in a tradition of open and heartful communication with self and all whom need the healing power of The gift of Music. Guitar in hand, A Voice that erupts, and bottomless bottles of Spirit, this young South London troubadour finds his home in the hearts of many.
Josh Osho has worked and toured with the likes of Tom Jones/ Emeli Sande/ Natty/ Akala/ Childish Gambino/ Ghostface Killah/ Olu Dara/ Corrine Bailey Rae/ The Script/ Sea Sick Steve and many more on a path to hone his artist craft, inspire and connect profoundly with a following that progressively spread the word, that 'Hope' is on the way.

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HARARE (Mbira, Marimba – Zimbabwe)

Harare are one of only a handful of Zimbabwean dance ensembles in Europe today. Fronted by the exuberance and charisma of Zimbabwean musician Kuda Matimba, Harare feature a groundbreaking line-up, mixing the buzzing acoustics of the Southern African rich-toned marimba, mbira, ringing jingling
guitars, swooping basslines, irresistible dance rhythms and uplifting vocals. A virtuoso marimbist, Kuda Matimba was a member of Zimbabwe’s legendary Bhundu Boys, a groundbreaking force in the African music industry, as they paved the way for more artists to reach commercial success in Europe and the US.

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KADIALY KOUYATE (Kora – Senegal)

Senegalese kora virtuoso/singer Kadialy Kouyaté showcases his fleet-fingered skills on this mesmerizing instrument, complementing it with his hauntingly, darkly beautiful voice. Kadialy Kouyate is a Kora teacher at SOAS University and in this occasion he will have a Free Workshop in the morning.
Kadialy Kouyate is a musician, a singer songwriter inspired by the West African Griot repertoire.
Born into the great line of Kouyate Griot in Southern Senegal, Kadialy’s mesmerising kora playing and singing style have been appreciated in many prestigious venues as both a soloist and in different ensembles.

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MUNTU VALDO (Sawa Blues - Cameroon)

Muntu Valdo, (b. 1977), is an Afro-Blues guitarist, harmonica player and singer from Doula, Cameroon. He has performed on-stage with Ali Farka Toure, Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Lokua Kanza, Eko Roosevelt, Lionel & Stephane Belmondo, Keziah Jones, and Alpha Blondy, and has played at Womad music festivals.
“The crowd were treated to Muntu Valdo's guitar magic. Sauntering on stage with a springy step, softly picking at his guitar and blowing in his harmonica, he resembled a youthful, latter-day Bob Dylan. But his music is from a different stream. Using a box of tricks to double-track his guitar and voice live, he added layers of sound to create full-textured, soft songs about peace, love and Cameroonian witchcraft and charmed the audience”.

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KASAI MASAI (Congo - Soukous)

First class exponents of the soukous style of music, Kasai Masai aren’t known for doing things by halves.
Based in London, and led by Voodoo King, Nickens Nkoso, Kasai Masai mix the traditional sound of the equatorial African village with a distinctive urban edge. The band’s fast-paced style of soukous and rumba meld with Congolese folkloric traditions to create an infectious form of dance music.
From the plains to the soaring heights, theirs is a sound that will transport you to a land where music is more than just entertainment, they will take you to a place where it is a way of life.

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NATIVE SUN (Mozambique/St Lucia/UK)

Native Sun is a London based group led by rapper Mohammed Yahya, born in Mozambique, and singer-songwriter Sarina Leah, born in London with Caribbean roots. Their sweet melodies fuse addictive head bouncing hip-hop undertones, conscious bilingual lyrics and catchy hooks - perfect for a climate in need of an uplifting message. Mohammed and Sarina joined forces in 2010, fusing Hip Hop and African rhythms with the aim of promoting a positive message of universal peace, equality, social justice and environmental change.

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LINO VERSACE (Coupe Decale' - Ivory Coast)

Lino Versace is one of the pioneers of the African Urban music called “Coupe’ Decale’”. The concept was launched in 2000 in France and has spread all over the world. Lino will come straight from Paris to perform songs from his brand new album “Demain C’Gate’”

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Ritu (UK) – Resonance FM / SOAS Radio
T-Roy on the set (Ghana/UK)
Snuff (Ireland)
Soulprovider (UK)
DJ Volta 45 (Ghana/UK)
Jamie Renton (UK)
Africathy (UK)
JP Kairo (UK/Mauritius)
Debbie (UK)

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Focus Organization is a group of dynamic London-based music promoters who have, for the last seven years, regularly organised or supported successful events at various iconic London venues like: Royal Festival Hall (Southbank Centre), Rich Mix, Passing Clouds, Union Chapel, Notting Hill Arts Club, Bedroom Bar and many more... We brought to you some of the best local and international live acts and Djs.
We grew quickly, earning the respect of the music lovers and the partnership of other organisations with which we supported (marketing or programming) events with international artists like: Amadou & Mariam, Baaba Maal, Bassekou Kouyate', Rokia Traore with special guest: Sir Paul McCartney at Africa Express. Toumani Dabate’, Jimmy Cliff, One love Festival, Black Uhuru, Public Enemy, Manu Dibango, Kanda Bongo Man, Ray Lema and many others have also featured in one of these events.
Over the years, our hard work and commitment has earnt us lots of recognition in the industry: from BEFFTA Awards to Africa 4U Awards and others such us (EBR) Ebony Business Recognition Awards, Life Changers Awards etc…

Focus Africa Music Festival 2017 is a brand new multicultural musical showcase in the heart of London, at RichMix, East London’s No1 independent arts venue. Taking place on Friday 2nd June, 2017 from 7pm to 5am, we plan to bring over 15 live acts and Djs from Congo, Senegal, Zimbabwe, UK and Jamaica
Why are we doing this?
At this time when there is very little funding for the Music, we thought we would create something great with you, music lovers, celebrating the city of London and its diversity. A festival for the whole family.
A spectacular and unforgettable night of music - bringing artists from different countries on the same stage, exchanging their roots, stories and messages to celebrate the diversity of London.

[email protected]

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