Friday 27 March | Viva Colombia! Free Parranda W/ Uk Vallenato Kings [nirk Molina & Eddy Parra] +


La Parranda is Back! VIVA COLOMBIA! Friday 27 March/2015 at 7pm until late. FREE ENTRY and this time celebrating colombian culture with a vibrant traditional parranda by London's own pioneers of vallenato classics & Folkloric cumbia live! + on the decks In.DJ.nous selecting global beats and Latin fusion (Latinos in London & Arriba la Cumbia!)

Venue: The Forge : 3-7 Delancey Street London NW1 7NL, NW1 7NL London
Close to Camden Town station.


The band plays traditional Vallenato music along with cumbia, a popular folk music of Colombia also added as a category in the Latin Grammy Awards. This band comprised of some of the finest musicians of this genre led by Nirk Molina from Monteria, Colombia.

This band comprised of some of the finest musicians of this genre led by Nirk Molina from Monteria, Colombia and well known 'Fuerza Vallenata' Eddy Parra one of the godfathers of Vallenato in London , The band play traditional instruments that make up the sound of Vallenato and Cumbia, those instruments one from Africa (drums), other from the indigenous (Guiro) and the last one from Europe (Accordion) represent a mix of cultures, races and sounds that just make this music unique.

The "Caja Vallenata", a small drum held between the knees and played with bare hands. It was used by the African slaves brought by the Europeans.
The "Guacharaca", a wooden, ribbed stick similar to a sugar cane, accompanied by a fork that when rubbed together emits a scraping sound, originally used by Colombian indigenous.
And the accordion of German origin, usually modified in Colombia just for the Vallenatos.

From Monteria, Colombia Nirk Molina "UK's Vallenato King" is one of the shining lights of the Colombian/cumbia and vallenato London scene. Playing in many of the established London tropical bands he has now put his own outfit together playing a mix of folkloric cumbia and Vallenato classics including his own compositions. Nirk Molina with his fusion of pop vocals and traditional Colombian vallenato the traditional music of the Colombian rural people. He embodies the very soul of Latin America Vallenato, which originated in the Valle de Upar in northeastern Colombia, has roots in African, European, and native Colombian music. It uses native bamboo flutes, African-inspired drums, and German accordions. For many years the music was looked down upon in Colombia because it was associated with poor people and minority groups.However, Molina and other artists have brought it into the mainstream and have also introduced it to audiences around the world. Molina and vallenato' s mix of cultures is the living proof of the equality of all people."


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