Friday Sessions with Sama’ Wave

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A series of concerts which will be a new addition to our Friday Sessions line-up, showcasing up-and-coming musicians curated by local Sufi musician Samad Majid.

The name comes from the name of the Sufi ritual ‘mehfil-e-sama’, a gathering for spiritual listening. In the royal Mughal courts of the Indian subcontinent, these rituals were prescribed as a means of spiritual ascension and exploration as well as entertainment, carrying the listener to ecstatic forms of bliss and evolving their consciousness through contact with the divine love of the Almighty.

Today you still see these rituals occurring frequently at the shrines of Sufi saints, mosques, and even family homes. As someone who experienced the transformative power of consciously listening to sacred music, I hope to provide a space for both listeners and performers to explore their inner-standing of creativity and the human soul in these intimate monthly concerts.” – Samad @sama.wave

Friday 18 November – LINE UP

Stars (Anastasia) 

Stars is a London based singer- songwriter and pianist. Drawing on her background as a sound engineer she prefers to experiment with synths and vintage analog gear to create playful and layered ethereal sounds.


Marwyn Grace 

Shimmering, polyrhythmic, harp-like guitar patterns and words that get inside you. This is intimate, beautiful, unpredictable music.


Mohammed Salih

Mohammed is a London based guitarist who blends various instrumental styles. From the guitar style of the African Tuaregs to the Bağlama techniques of the Turkish virtuosos to the Arabian Oud masters.

Fusing this with Psychedelia allows him to create deep and introspective soundscape stories that will transport your mind to places you didn’t know existed.


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