Gypsyology Culture Day


Gypsyology Culture Day - A fun day of concerts, workshops and feasting!

3pm: Family Concert

4.15pm: Dance & Singing workshops

6pm: Musical Get-Together: Open-mic performances with free buffet

7.30pm: Evening Concert


Brady Art Centre, Whitechapel, 192-196 Hanbury St, London E1 5HU


Special Guests: Dancer Saeeda and the LGO dance group


Tickets: £3 - £11. Details for singe and discounted multi-event ticket from and from


Info and Contact: [email protected] – 07531 517 251


The London Gypsy Orchestra is the largest ensemble of its kind in Western Europe, with 45 enthusiastic musicians from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. Led by violinist and singer Gundula Gruen, their repertoire of Eastern European and Balkan music is as eclectic as their performances are energetic.


With the support of Awards for All, LGO is yet again on a journey into the depth of Gypsy traditions. After months of learning language and dance steps, researching music and meaning, all with the aim to gain greater understanding of Gypsy identity, LGO would like to share the results in an enjoyable day-event, to watch and take part.

The Event Details:

3pm-3.45pm: Family Concert: ideal for children with their families. Expect a colourful Gypsy music show, including dance performances and more, with plenty of opportunity to dance and join in.


4:15 – 5.45pm: Workshops

All workshops are happening simultaneously in various spaces – workshop-hopping is not permitted.


Dance Workshop. An introduction to Gypsy dancing by Saeeda Kasym. Learn steps and moves, and experience the joy of Gypsy dancing...From 12 years


Singing Workshop: Poetic Romany lyrics, catchy melodies and the inspiration to use your voice, or 75 min of experiencing Romany charisma through Gypsy songs, taught by LGO director Gundula Gruen.


6pm: Musical Get-Together: Ear- and eye-pleasing open-mic performances, accompanied by a free buffet of delicious Gypsy-inspired food.


7.30pm: Evening Concert: The highlight of the day, the legendary full length LGO Concert with dance performance, and plenty more spectacular delicacies.


Open Mic: LGO would like to invite musicians, story tellers, poets, dancers etc to perform something from or inspired by Gypsy culture. Please register via email or put your name down on the list upon arrival.


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