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Haim Botbol is the last living legend of Jewish Moroccan Music. This is an exclusive and unique musical and cultural opportunity for the UK public to enjoy a concert with the true mastery of musicianship from the great Moroccan Jewish singer and his band.

About Haim

His father Jacob Abitbol (Botbol’s real family name) was a famous musician (he played violin) in Fez and perform traditional moroccan music. Botbol father was also a songwriter and close friends with all the jewish musical stars in Fez such as Zohra el Fassiya, Slimane el Maghrebi, Lilly Labassi, or famous musicians like David Harroush or Simon Sanae conductor of Salim Hallali ‘s orchestra.

Haim Botbol began to perform with his father at the age of nine, first he played the darbouka, soon becoming the lead vocalist of his father’s orchestra. He was trained by his father to sing all Andalousian and Gharnati repertoire, and learn the classic Qassidats of Melhun which are popular in Fez. Haim Botbol studied at one of the Jewish schools in Fez until the age of sixteen when he began his professional carreer as a singer in the late 1950s. He performed in his father’s orchestra, while simultaneously managing his own band of young musicians to perform modern repertoire like Chgoury (essentially songs from Oran and Tlemcen) and also popular Egyptian songs. During this period he recorded his own compositions which are now part of Moroccan national musical heritage. His quickly became famous and performed for large Jewish and Muslim audiences, from all levels of the Moroccan people, from the simplest weddings to the Royal Palace.

He soon moved to Casablanca. From 1965 until the late 1970s he performed at “Sijilmassa“ the most famous cabaret in Morocco . After this period, he moved to Tangier where the Botbol brothers performed in the Ahlan Village Cabaret, which was the most famous cabaret og the Maghreb during this period. Botbol recorded hundreds of songs during his career for companies like Boussifone and Tichkafone, involving most of Moroccan repertoire of this period. After the death of Salim Halali, Samy El Maghrebi, Albert Suissa, Zohra el Fassiya, Slimane el Maghrebi, Shlomo Souiri, the Mechali Brother, Azaar Cohen, Felix El Maghrebi and Petit Samy he is the last survivor of the Golden Age of Jewish Moroccan Music.

In 2013 he celebrated 60 years of his career, and performed at Mawazine Festival in Rabat in 2014, at the Sacred Music Festival of Fez and at the Casablanca Music Festival in 2017. He is the most famous Jewish figure in Moroccan television since the 1960s, and appears until today on national programs. National Moroccan television is currently filming a documentary film on his life and career.

Support from 3yin:
3yin are an ensemble of London-based musicians with a deep love of Arabic music especially from Iraq and of Judeo-Arabic origin. The band is a London-based ground-breaking band that performs the music of the Jewish communities of the Middle East and North Africa for the wider world. Conceived by Daniel Jonas, founder of Los Desterrados, 3yin brings together a collective of long-time musical collaborators and friends, acclaimed instrumentalists and vocalists, from Jewish and Arabic traditions to create a new fusion of acoustic and electric melody and groove.

Students £10 | General Public £15 | Tickets on the door £20

Refund policy:
10% if cancelled before 1 January.
25% if cancelled after 1 January
50% if cancelled after 1 February

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