Hossam Ramzy – Rock The Tabla

Hossam Ramzy is Egypt’s ambassador of rhythm is a master of the Egyptian Tabla / Darbouka. He is the most celebrated and recorded musician from Cairo who collaborated with the world leading artists such as  Peter GabrielJimmy Page & Robert PlantChick CoreaRicky Martin and Shakira to name but a few.

Hossam Ramzy is presenting a special concert at the Union Chapel with his “Rock The Tabla” band, featuring some of the top Egyptian and international musicians in this fusion of Rock Arabia. Blending dance music with rock, funk and progressive jazz rock, bending the rules and bringing together a lively percussive fusion with deep bass, solo violin, accordion and Blues Guitar, Ramzy will once again redefine the meaning of world music.

As a composer Hossam has released over 30 albums of his own and helped 100’s of internationally famous artists with his Arabian style string arrangements and produced a colourful array of albums from all corners of the world, bringing cultures and genres of music that were never fused together in the past.

Creating the album ‘Rock The Tabla’ has been a big part of Hossam’s life for a long time. The idea was born 10 years ago, and Hossam has been lovingly and meticulously piecing the album together and now its final performance premier ever since. As Hossam himself says, “perfection takes time and to bring this album to a live audience is going to be very special”.

Of course, in those ten years Hossam has also released numerous other albums on ARC Music and other labels, and has produced many others. He has travelled the world with his Egyptian dance concerts and workshops, worked on albums with some of the biggest pop stars of the day (including Ricky Martin and Shakira), contributed to several motion picture soundtracks, and still managed to dedicate himself to Rock The Tabla.

Hossam is a serial collaborator. He loves the freedom that working with other artists allows him, as well as the challenge of creating a symbiotic fusion of different styles. Whether it is Pino Danieli, Sting, or the stars of Led Zeppelin, Hossam relishes the opportunity to inject his own brand of the Egyptian style into the music.

That is essentially the objective of Rock The Tabla. Hossam wanted to create a unique fusion of styles by collaborating with some of the artists he truly admires, loves and respects. The fact that A.R. Rahman, Billy Cobham, Manu Katché, Omar Faruk Tekbilek and many others were only too willing to take part in the recording is testament to the respect that the musical world holds for Hossam Ramzy.

In Hossam’s words, “You can expect music that is born out of love and respect for these artists and music that really just moves me personally. I want to introduce you to the other aspects of music that I also love. Not only the Egyptian dance music, I also want you to enjoy some of the fusions that I work with.”

The Union Chapel concert will be the only London date for this unique and special collaboration.

- See more at: http://store.unionchapel.org.uk/events/21-jul-15-hossam-ramzy--rock-the-tabla-union-chapel/#sthash.1GIeAQDp.dpuf

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