Kaligola Disco Bazar / Les Frères Zeugma / DJ Special Terry


Italian Balkan beats, electro swing, dub, reggae & drum'n'bass from Kaligola Disco Bazar, with support from Klezmer-rock-fusion group the Zeugma Brothers and vinyl only from Special Terry till 2am.

♬♬ Kaligola Disco Bazar ♬♬

An eclectic crew for a journey in Italian folkloric traditions with the nomadic spirit of a vagabond: a wind section that interweaves with gypsy sounds made of darbuka and accordion, all of it set to electriconic rhythms based somewhere between folkstep and echoes of dub. It's Kaligola Disco Bazar!

It was 2011 when musician and radio DJ Mondo Cane, a.k.a. Mondokan, brought together an ensemble of daredevil musicians for an experiment that soon revealed itself to be a powerhouse of experimental sounds. Electronic beats find themselves arm-in-arm with traditional Italian melodies that themselves are filtered through the mesh of Eastern European contamination.

A return to the future going between the Balkans, Arab countries and Italian traditions. This Pan-European bent is also found in lyrics sung in a mixture of French, English, Spanish, German, Greek and Italian. An authentic linguistic melting-pot that speaks of modernity and new frontiers.

On stage the band offers a festive, powerful and timeless show in front of which it's hard to stay still.

♬♬ Les Frères Zeugma ♬♬

The Zeugma Brothers are an atypical rock band, composed of 6 musicians, interpreting a collection of about thirty original compositions built around multiple influences. The recipe is: 6 doses of rock n'roll, 3 spoons of funk, 100g of swing. Add 5 measures of klezmer, 2 slices of afrobeat and a zest of psychedelism. Heat the whole on stage and serve boiling hot!

Born in Paris in 2007 and now counting nearly 200 concerts, Les Frères Zeugma are ready to play everywhere. A rock band without borders, their music could be heard from the Moroccan desert to the biggest Parisian theaters, passing by the roads of France and Europe. The Zeugma Brothers always leave behind an audience conquered by the originality of the show. A concert of Les Frères Zeugma is also circus-burlesque staging. Crazy comedians, giant puppets, fireworks, live projections, freaky creatures parade, nothing stops the Zeugma Brothers!

♬♬ DJ Special Terry ♬♬

DJ Special Terry is an old skool, top drool, vinylistic groove selecta who eschews tech media, social media, memes and other 21st century follies and sticks to the beauty and beastliness of real choons, one after another, designed for dance floor ecstasy, jiggy jiggy mayhem, bouncing ballistic ballerinas and mash-up rave parties!!!

FREE before 7pm, £7 after

The venue is open from 10:30am, serving food from 12-10pm.

Twitter/Instagram: @magic_pub
231 Battersea Park Road, SW11 4LG

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