Kodjovi Kush & Afro Spot Allstars


Kodjovi Kush is all about the joyous sounds of Highlife, the indigenous, authentic dance music of West Africa, African music ambassador extraordinaire.

Kodjovi Kush unique style of Agbajazz, is a creation from the fusion of Agbadja, Hilghlife the traditional music and dances from Togo, Ghana and Benin, its rhythms and time signatures with Jazz influences.
Afrospot All Stars, his outfit consists of eight high quality members, Baba Adesose Wallace (Percussions and Vocals), Audrey Gbaguidi (Vocals and Shakers), Kishon Khan (Keyboards), Westley Joseph (Drums), Idris Rahman (tenor sax), Emanuel Afram (Bass), Nick Walters (Trumpet), Patrick Hachett (Guitar), dancers and other stars from the UK world music scene also appear as guests.

Kodjovi arrived in London when the Africa Centre was a stronghold for African cultures, a place the Africans can call home away from home. He has since dedicated himself to gather some of those same musicians to perform with him, supporting artists like Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube and more.
The connection with some of the greatest African musicians in London led him to join the Funkees, Ibile, Yesking and Soothsayers to perform in the most important live music venues in town and great festivals around the world like: North Sea Jazz, Womad, Glastonbury, Bangladesh World Music Festival, O2, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Barbican, and many more.

Guitars shine, horns sing, bass and percussion blaze in a true band of All Stars
“ Bossaphonik “

From the moment they hit the stage till their encore Kodjovi Kush and Afrospot All Stars shook the dance floor and musically took the audience from Africa to the Caribbean and back in a Fanfare!
“Harmony in the Community”

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