LA LINEA – Alex Etchart & Vientos + Sagrada Familia + Popola / Ivicore

Alex Etchart and Vientos 560 x 400

After a decade playing resistance anthems and South American folk acoustically on the frontlines of environmental, decolonial and queer social movements, Alex Etchart traverses binaries and borders to premiere their band Vientos with their new transcendental sound.

Alex Etchart & Vientos bring the rich, melancholic sounds of South American folklore into wild electronica, and give new life to British Isles and Irish folk songs through rich harmonies and dubstep wobbles.

LGBTQ+ realities and diasporic memories are woven through multilingual melodies and utterly danceable basslines, welcoming us to be everything we are without holding anything back.

Sagrada Familia is an Andean music trio with Kanti Quena (Peru) and Phaxsi Coca (Bolivia), of Lokandes renown, a ground-breaking Andean fusion band. ‘The Sacred Family’ perform with their London-born son Raymi Willka. Brought up steeped in his Andean heritage, Raymi is already showing some of the virtuoso musicianship of his parents.

Popola / Ivicore is an explosive, colourful DJ from Venezuela, playing upbeat tunes inspired by Afro, Latin and Caribbean music, from classics and remixes to the best tropical rhythms around. Ivicore is known for bringing a femme queer fiery mixing and mashup of skilfully selected songs, taking people on a tropical journey of joy, dance and Rooty vibes. Creator of Popola Queer Pxssy Power activist nights with an Afro Latinx Caribbean twist.

Part of La Linea – The London Latin Music Festival

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