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Dhruv Arts presents �London International Arts Festival – November 2017

Taking you from the bohemian streets of Shoreditch to Kings Cross’ finest contemporary cultural institutions, the sixth edition of the London International Arts Festival (LIAF) is a pan-London celebration of the capital’s most exciting music and culture. Running for six nights across four different venues, LIAF is a must for anyone wanting to know what London truly sounds like right now.

�Curated by the Indian violinist Jyotsna Srikanth, LIAF celebrates the many colourful cultures of London’s historic East End in some of its landmark venues. 2017’s handpicked line-up spotlights the best up-and-coming world music bands alongside masters of the South Indian classical world.

LIAF is host by Dhruv Arts, a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that provides music education and workshops for all ages along with performances of South Asian, Carnatic and world art forms.
The first LIAF took place in 2012 and has since featured artists from across the globe; India, Mexico, Serbia, Turkey and North America to name a few. Alongside world-class concerts, LIAF offers hands-on masterclasses providing a crucial platform for cross-cultural and multi-generational artistic interaction.

Festival founder, curator and violin virtuoso Jyotsna Srikanth explains; ‘What started as a desire to showcase the very best of South Indian Carnatic music has expanded into a far richer tapestry of music and arts originating from different continents’

Wednesday 1 November 2017: King’s Place, Kings Cross / 8PM / HALL ONE

Trilok Gurtu, the virtuoso percussionist Trilok Gurtu is a legend on the jazz and world music stages. His unique genius which has played a major role in creating some of the finest works of his fellow master musicians, amongst others, John Mclaughlin, Joe Zawinul, Dave Holland and Jan Garbarek, Trilok Gurtu continues to define and redefine his position as one of the percussive art’s greatest innovators of all time. His approach to playing and composing is non-stylistic, built upon a solid and deep understanding of many global styles.

Raga Garage is a unique blend of Indian Carnatic and European classical sounds, layered and embellished with contemporary ornamentations, topped up with exotic and ethnic rhythms! Comprising of Jyotsna Srikanth (Carnatic classical violin), Robert Atchison (Western classical violin), Shadrach Solomon (piano) and Manjunath NS (drums and ethnic percussion), Raga Garage is simply a mixing pot of many Indian and European classical influences culminating in a sound both new and unique.

Kings Place 90 York Way, London N1 9AG
Online Rates £15–£20 / Savers £9.50 • Box Office 020 7520 1490 •

Friday 3 November 2017: Rich Mix, Shoreditch 8PM

James Yorkston, John Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan are Yorkston/Thorne/Khan.
This unique trio represents a confluence of currents, among them the north Indian sarangi; jazz-tinged bass, reminiscent in places of Danny Thompson; acoustic guitar that owes a debt to Elizabeth Cotton, Dick Gaughan and Mississippi John Hurt; and three very different vocalists. Together, they walk on untrodden ground.

Kefaya Trio was formed and led by London-based musicians & producers Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween, Kefaya are an eclectic group of immigrants, travellers and international artists seeking to find common ground between folk traditions of the world, with a cutting-edge sound rooted firmly in the 21st century.

Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
Tickets £12 Advance and £15 Door • Box Office 020 7613 7498 •

Saturday 4 November 2017: Redbridge Town Hall, Ilford.
An exciting South Indian Carnatic feast from eminent artists of the South Indian tradition is presented continuously for 8 hours.

Full line up: Dhruv Ensemble, traditional South Indian Bharatanatyam dance by Mangala Anand and contemporary South Indian dance by Santoshi Nair, Carnatic vocal music by the budding star Aashna Sasikaran, Colours of Rhythm presented by the veteran South Indian percussionist Dr Yella Venkateshwara Rao, followed by a South Indian Carnatic vocal recital by the carnatic music star, Prince Rama Varma, the prince of Travancore, the present Kerala Prince.

Sunday 5 November 2017: Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston 8PM

Quest Ensemble is a collaboration between three creativity versatile players, who co-create compelling original repertoire that seamlessly blends improvisation with devised composition.

Fran & Flora is a new collaboration between violinist Flora Curzon and folk/experimental cellist Francesca Ter-Berg combines aspects of traditional string music from Eastern Europe with original compositions and experimental electronics.

Monday 6 November 2017: Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston 8PM

Born in the East End of London, virtuoso vocalist, actor and composer, Cleveland was entered for the Wire/Guardian Jazz Awards and was voted best vocalist for three consecutive years. VocalSuite is an a-cappella vocal improvisation performance that uses the atmosphere of venue to present a performance of the moment; seamless links between musical cultures from Africa to Europe go together to create human vocal soundscapes.

Tuesday 7 November 2017: Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston 8PM

In June 2016, Pianist Chris Gall from Munich and London-based drummer and percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger met at the legendary Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, Germany, to record their newest Duo Project, a musical encounter they call MYRIAD!

Myriad is original compositions in a stylistic pluralism, juggling in a multi-layered matrix of world music, neoclassical and jazz, performed on a thrilling setup with piano and a unique setup of drums and percussion instruments.

Vortex 11 Gillet Square, London N16 8AZ
Tickets 」10 Advance and 」12 Door ・ Box Office 020 7245 4097 ・

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