Martin Alvarado ‘asi Es Mi Tango’


Martin Alvarado is undoubtedly one of the most significant Argentinian tango artists in the world today.


Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, he  will perform his outstanding repertoire of tangos with a lyrically poetic and timeless appeal, some of them classics, others that have been rarely recorded and almost forgotten.


He will be joined by special guest Mikko Helenius, from Finland,  on piano and bandoneon.


Alvarado has achieved world-wide acclaim for his warm powerful tenor voice and his emotionally engaging performances, which have an honest and heartfelt quality, combined with an easy-going stage presence and charisma.


He takes great pride in presenting Argentina’s rich musical heritage to new audiences and in his own country, he is increasingly being seen as a leading ambassador for Argentinian culture across the world and a significant influence in the development of the genre. He strongly believes that tango is a living language which has to evolve and remain relevant so, with his choice of repertoire and the particular modern way he phrases his songs, he brings to it a contemporary and creative sound, but one which remains, at the same time, universally accessible.


Joining him in his artistic mission is Mikko Helenius, an exceptionally accomplished pianist and bandoneon player, who has the remarkable and unique ability of being able to play both instruments simultaneously. Alvarado and Helenius have a highly intuitive musical relationship which allows them to experiment and explore the music in an often improvised manner, creating wonderful new arrangements for familiar pieces.


"The quality of his voice is something very special indeed… Each night isn’t just a show, for Alvarado, it’s a work of art, an artistic experience in itself… In Martin Alvarado’s hands – and moreover, his voice – tango has found not just a curator but an innovator to carry it forward. If you get the chance to see this man, grab it with both hands, you won’t see many of his like."


"… a certain Latino charisma mesmerises his audiences… the emotive phrasing was pure Argentinian seduction." Nottingham Post.


"A voice to melt a thousand hearts," SOAS Radio, London


"Alvarado’s full-bodied Spanish and superbly supple tenor voice made for mouth-watering listening. It was a rare privilege…" Learning to Tango website UK


"The authentic voice of Argentine tango," 2×4 Radio, Buenos Aires.


"Tango is lucky not to have lost Martin Alvarado to opera," Aamulehti newspaper, Finland.

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