Nadeem Din-Gabisi Presents ‘POOL’

nadeem dim-gabisi

On February 17th 2022, we welcome artist, poet, rapper and polymath, Nadeem Din-Gabisi who will be presenting ‘POOL’, his second solo offering. Support comes from singer and multi-instrumentalist Donna Thompson who after just one gig has London in her grip.
Din-Gabisi’s music radiates a potent and un-rescinded energy, a cocktail of grime, hip-hop, highlife, jazz, even punk. The work is a diving board to explore mental health issues and coping mechanisms of many young black men, born in inner and outer London. It questions and attempts to answer why some of these men swim, why some sink and why some others don't enter the POOL.

Line up:
Nadeem Din-Gabisi - vox
Coby Sey - vox / bass / electronics
MettaShiba - vox / drums / keyboard
Maria Osuchowska - harp / fx
Naima Adams - vox

Listen here:

Donna Thompson & Friends:
Donna’s music is well described in this short online conversation with Alabaster Deplume:
[7:44 pm, 25/01/2022] Gus: tunes are earnest and tender
[7:45 pm, 25/01/2022] Gus: But then she speaks she’s dead down to earth and ‘whatever yeh dya know what I mean’
[7:45 pm, 25/01/2022] Gus: It’s great
[7:45 pm, 25/01/2022] Gus: She leads from behind the drums
[7:45 pm, 25/01/2022] Deep sound
[7:45 pm, 25/01/2022] She’s straight up honest, and in the songs that means you get her heart

Line up:
Donna Thompson - Drums and vocals
Sophia Grant - Keys
Rosetta Carr - Bass
Special Guest - Saxophone

Lex Blondin will open proceedings with a DJ set and delicious vegetarian food will be served by the People's Kitchen

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