Neon Horizon | Moyo & Flux


Richmix London brings together two eclectic acts for an evening of rich, urban, neoclassical music...


Music producer and percussionist Moyo aka Hassan Mohyeddin presents his feature length debut performance exploring cultural identity and relevance through indigenous roots music with contemporary urban music.

As a British-Pakistani trained in both Eastern and Western music, Moyo explores a new sound language through the use of traditional South Asian instruments, digital soundscapes, analog synths and world instruments.

Neon Horizon is a metaphor for the future and explores themes relating to nature versus technology, and humans’ fallibility versus the precision of machines.


Flux is a four member London-based band who create cinematic tunes that have shades of Indie, Urban, Indian and Western Classical. Drawing on violin, guitars, bansuri, piano, cajon, and voice, their music often leaves impressions of Cinematic Orchestra, Nitin Sawhney, Jethro Tull and Radiohead with its striking melodies and rhythmic drive.

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Hope to see you all there, tell your friends, spread the word!!!

Love and Light!!!

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