Nest Collective present: Sages Comme Des Sauvages


Our monthly evening of the finest folk music live at the Old Queens Head in Islington

24th August 2016
Sages Comme Des Sauvage
£8 in Advance | £10 OTD


Sages Comme Des Sauvages

A good example of serendipity is the discovery of penicillin. Another one is the French duet Sages comme des sauvages. Everything happened by chance. Ava wasn’t supposed to meet Ismaël just like Indian Ocean Music wasn’t supposed to be played with Greek instruments. French language wasn’t supposed to be sung so swayingly and red warpaint wasn’t supposed to land on these stateless faces. The result is better than medicine. It will make you happy forever.

“Their music is timeless folk is, in the right sense.” Songazine

Ava Carrère and Ismael Colombani Sages are a French-American-Greek-corso-Brussels duo. They collect songs and instruments they mingle with their own compositions.
Accompanied by Brazilian cavaquinho, bouzouki and Greek challenge, guitar or violin, music invokes the sidewalks of Belleville, tobacco Guarani, youth fondkèr cities or Creole … “Here it’s full of folklore” they say. It also resume (and only) the songs of Reunion Alain Peters. “There also is full of folklore” so they say..

It gives verve to their humanistic and exotic dreamlike melodies.

The colorful blanket and covered the images of elsewhere fantasized Largue Skin, managed to make any color and sweet madness of Elders As the Savages.

These Sages not give chastened in the ballad, the more removed songs and even trance, everything succeeds them.
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