Neter Heru 2014


Join us for 12 hours of Musikal Medicine & Inspirational WORDS SOUND POWER in Celebration of the Neter Heru 2014....featuring the best of London’s Grassroots Wordsmiths, Singers & Players of instruments....

On the Summer Solstice, which occurs on June 21, the Sun is at its highest... representing the strength and the force that placed the sun in the sky. Summer Solstice, sometimes known as Midsummer is a celebration of the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer.

NETER HERU is a festival of community sharing and connectedness with the planet and with terrestrial energy fields. Through this celebration we aim to perpetuate balance and to strengthen planetary alignment with their frequencies particularly when their dimensional vibration shifts. This time of year is linked with rebirth and resurrection.

2-9pm in the park Live Music, Poetry, Workshops and the ovAM - One Voice AfriKan MarKet will be open for business, stalls, food & more...


Please Note this is not a Druid or Sun Worship event , we respect others’ practices and ask that all those in attendance show respect to OUR AfriKan traditions, culture and spirituality. Alcohol is Not encouraged in the park...

NETER HERU AFTER PARTY & ALL STAR CYPHER JAM hosted by Asheber & Ray Carless               9pm -2am                       £5 on the door

"Drum Beat Giant Footsteps…Hear the call of the Drum Beat it’s a New Day, a New Day, Elephant Walks…Let the Jembe cure like medicine…come we us lets walk like Elephants…"

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