New Rituals: Aïsha Devi feat. Asian Dope Boys + Pan Daijing

Clon presents two ecstatic multi-media performances, making their London premieres, which use Electronic music and visual art as the basis to explore identity and spirituality in the post-digital age.
Aetherave is a newly-commissioned performative, visual and sonic spectacle. At the heart of the piece are the rave-like sounds of Swiss-born Nepalese-Tibetan musician Aïsha Devi, who channels the ancient incantations and hi-fi beats heard on her new album DNA Feelings. Asian Dope Boys’s visceral dance stylings and the grotesque yet sacred imagery of Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chenprovide a harmonic visual counterpoint to Devi’s sonic explorations.In Fist Piece, Berlin based Chinese artist Pan Daijing explores the unsettling states of femininity through choreography, visuals and sound material from her 2017 record Lack. Tonight’s live performance features dancer Gregori Homa and video contributions from Ekaterina Reinbold. The resulting work takes the audience on a multi-sensory journey that’s simultaneously tender and fierce.