NIYAZ with Azam Ali – London

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The legendary Iranian musical duo return to the UK for the first time since 2012 with a one-off special performance at Grand Junction

Hailed as “an evolutionary force in contemporary Middle Eastern music” by the Huffington Post, Niyaz creates a 21st-century global trance sound by seamlessly blending medieval Sufi poetry and folk songs from their native Iran and its surrounding countries in the Persian Gulf with rich acoustic instrumentation and modern electronic music.

Niyaz is led by the spellbinding voice of Iranian composer and vocalist Azam Ali and renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist Loga Ramin Torkian. This rare UK appearance from the duo, who last performed in London in 2012, promises to be an unforgettable evening as they play favourites from their highly acclaimed albums.

The evening is presented by Arts Canteen in collaboration with Grand Junction.

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These are momentous and delicate days for the Iranian population. Days of change, self-determination and empowerment. Days that to be thoroughly understood by non-Iranian eyes and ears have to be described, explained and possibly sung and represented by someone born there and who’s deeply involved with the country’s recent history….

Artists: Azam Ali , Loga Ramin Torkian , Niyaz

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