Parasang with Space F!ght, Rommek & Medallion Man

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Parasang is an exploration of London's diverse musical communities led by Iranian Pouya Ehsaei (Zabte Sote-Opal Tapes) on modular synth/electronics. The series draws influence from London's diverse musical communities, inviting guest musicians to improvise and interact with electronics. The series is co-curated by Harry Follett of Manana//Records.

This night forms part of London Jazz Festival and will be streamed by our partners Threads Radio.

Pouya Ehsaei (modular) will be joined by Afro-Haitian percussionist Randy Lester and host of new jazz guests.

SPACE F!GHT (live)

International audio-visual collective, led by Radek Rudnicki (Poland) presents a performance that explores the interactions between improvised music and generative laser visualisations. The music aesthetic stems from interaction between acoustic instruments and electronic hardware, creating a powerful blend of acoustic and electronic sounds.

Musicians include:
James Mainwaring (sax), Joost Hedrickx (drums), Matt Postle, (trumpet), Johnny Richards (keys), Enrico Bertelli (percussion), Tom Adams (guitar), Jakub Hader (lasers and visuals), Radek Rudnicki (modular synth and drum machine).

As a recently emerging artist, Rommek has carved his way into the current techno scene through the dense atmospheres, heavy textured drums and dynamic tones found within his productions.

A central figure in the Blueprint family, his most established works to date on the label are the ‘Set in Stone Trilogy’ as well remixes by the likes of James Ruskin, OVR, Broken English Club and Makaton.

Recent project Torn Relics sees Rommek collaborate with Aimee Mullen, utilislising a range of classical and electronic instruments to create a rich and twisted sound pallet, mixing cyber-punk electronics with tribal rhythms.

Medallion Man is co-founder, resident, and the driving force behind Loose Lips. Since its launch in October 2014, he has directed its growth into a well-respected and ever-ambitious diverse musical platform, curating all events, label releases, charity work, mix series, radio shows and directing the blog's activities. His own DJing continues to blossom alongside the wider project, seeing him regularly DJ around the UK & Europe, gaining a reputation for eclecticism and intriguing mixing.


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