Poetry Meets Art 11 For Congo!


"Carpe Diem Event brings you yet another Poetry Meets Art in solidarity with Congo and ethical technology! After many successful shows don't miss out on this show of live art to performance poetry, with presentations, open mic and a vegan buffet!"


'No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come' - Congolese proverb (and my favourite!)


Yes people, Poetry Meets Art is back and do we have a great deal in store for you or what? First of all let me say, we are really making strides in the way people are thinking about technology and how it's affecting the Congolese; a massive thank you goes out to all who contributed to this positive change and may we continue to rise in strength!


Now let's get cracking....



The prolific poet, rapper and host of one of the best slams around, Hackney Hammer & Tongue will be unleashing his tongue for Congo so get ready! Going by the stage name 'Angry Sam' he's been performing since 2002, wowing audiences as well as dishing out his wit with urban slurs, giving us his humorous take on everyday life and if this wasn't enough, he's also tipped his toe into the literary world and published a book of poetry........I dare you not to be entertained!


You know when you meet someone who's energy is just off the chart yeah and they're an unstoppable force of nature....? The multi-disciplinary artist is one of them and you'll see why....author of the two self-help books 'Single, Spiritual...& Sexual' and 'How To Get The Ring On The Finger', humorous performance poet, event host and amazing artist! Cezanne Poetess is on a mission and nothing can stop her, but then she's bursting with a beautiful, inspirational and infectious energy why would you want to stop her? Join in!


It's been a long time coming and damn will you be glad! This performance poet, activist and tireless campaigner will be bringing us empowerment, truth and honesty to elevate us and bring us all together. His poetry is full of impact and just so raw it leaves you wanting more - you can only imagine what it's like when delivered with his own brand of powerful performance! Hold onto your hats, seats, EVERYTHING because he's about to go in for Congo!


Yes, yes, this charismatic poet who gave us the life-affirming 'Phoenix Bonfire' and the play 'Womb Stories' will be gracing the Carpe Diem stage! Shareefa has the ability to use her lyrics as a paintbrush and create imagery so vivid you feel as though you're a character in a story she's building. Now that's my kind of style....Nothing but heightened awareness and positivity spills from her soul so get ready to catch some!



Samantha Williams is an artist just fit ti burst with creativity and has taken up the challenge of live interpretation to the performances and talks! Her previous work at this event as the resident artist has been absolutely amazing.....full of vibrant colours, fluid movement and really captures the essence of the event. Make sure you're there, she may be drawing you.......


Community Presentation by Donate Your Services Campaign

Performance poet Niyat Remedy Asfaha will be doing a presentation for the Donate Your Services Campaign. This is in Support of ELF's Eradicating Illiteracy One Student At A Time' 2015 Black Tie Charity Gala has been set up with the vision of building a strong network of individuals, business's and organisations who's purpose is to volunteer their time, resources and services for the support, and promotion of ELF mission statement, to eradicate illiteracy one student at a time.

You can find out more about them here - http://earlyliteracyfoundation.org/



Art Exhibition by Cezanne Poetess

We have another double whammy from the extremely talented Cezanne Poetess. If you like her poetry you'll love her art which is inspirational, touches on the spiritual and beautifully put together. The saying 'a picture paints a thousand words' has never been truer......


Vegan Buffet

As always there will be a vegan buffet full of organic, healthy, nutritional treats. Think stews, brown rice, cous cous, sweet potatoes and a variety of salads for only £3! Yes, that's right £3! Doors open from 6:30 and you can eat right away and chill out with everyone else before the poetry starts. This will be perfect for those working so you can skip going home, come and join in with us!

As always, money raised on the night goes toward paying the performers but more importantly to Panzi Hopsital in Eastern Congo so that Dr Denis Mukwege and his hardworking team can carry on saving and bettering the lives of those the hospital and foundation helps.

This event is a great opportunity for us all to come together with the common goals of unity, empowerment, freedom for Congo and bringing about ethical technology. Please spread the word and hope to see you there.

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