Poetry Meets Art


"War ends nothing...." - Congolese proverb


We're back and doing it again! Carpe Diem brings you unity, oneness, knowledge, power, Edutainment through great performance poetry and live art all aid of FREEING CONGO and ETHICAL TECHNOLOGY!!! Don't miss out on London's toppa top event full of youth activism and community spirit. We've really gone from strength to strength and I thank you all so much for coming along, getting involved, spreading the word and more so here goes.....


The Queen of Carpe Diem will be handing the imaginary crown over to none other than the brilliant performer.....Golden Blue!!!! BOOM BAP!!! That's right, it's Aunty Ayo time-ohh so make sure you come correct otherwise she will show you what time it is.....I'm extremely honoured to have this Sister take over and can't wait to sit back while she works her magic!


So who do we have leading the way in solidarity for Congo........


David Lee Morgan
So Mr Revolution himself is back from another successful performance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and not only that....he is defending his title as Poetry Slam Champion by winning another one! Yes this fiery poet has won the 2014 BBC Edinburgh Fringe Slam Champion, is back in London and ready to roar so you better get ready, ya heard!!!


Kemi 'Demerara' Taiwo
What do you know about Miss Demerara right here! The sassy, sweet and super sophisticated performance poet who has toured America, is one of the best on the London circuit and has just released a video will be heating up the stage. So sit back and soak up the smooth, velvety vibes of the brown sugar herself....

Rikki RiktheMost Livermore
Have you ever met someone who can do everything? And brilliantly too?! Well this extremely talented performance poet, B-Boy, great guitar player, host of 'Forget What Ya Heard' and more will be hitting us with his cleverly crafted lyrical prowess. Don't say you haven't been warned!!!


Emma Ako
Well wadda ya know....? The bossy one puts it all together and brings you this event is swapping places and finally doing a set! Be prepared to hear some sweet, jazzy and soulful melodies with a hint of Afrikan vibes flowing through as this song bird's spirit and soul is laid bare......


Nebula Nebula
If you haven't seen the artwork of this gifted spirit and kind soul then you're missing out big tiiiiiime! To do an interpretation of performance poetry as well as capture the very essence of an atmosphere where anything could happen is not easy, however, this artist makes it look as easy as ABC! Come along to see what she'll create next, you never know.....you might feature in her masterpiece!


More details are to come re presentation however......

There's the awesome, healthy vegan banquet lovingly made by Emma Ako. If you wanna share in the delight of the delicious, nutritious and healing treats then turn up on time to grab a plate because once it's gone it's gone! It's only £3 too so no excuse not to join in....


So as usual, it gives me great pleasure to announce that some of the money raised on the night will go towards the Panzi Hospital and Foundation in Eastern Congo. These vital funds go towards supporting the tough work of Dr Denis Mukwege - founder of this safe haven for many - nurses, training more nurses, medical equipment, beds, hospital extensions, the foundation which has an orphanage and an education centre which teaches the women everything from basic maths to economic empowerment and social equality.


We owe alot to the people who run this amazing place and those who desperately need it so let's do it while having fun and most importantly....BREAK THE SILENCE!!!

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