Poetry Meets Art


We're back and ready to continue the fight in freeing #Congo and moving toward #ethical, #conflict-free #technology. This event is getting bigger and better; if you've missed out on the previous ones (where have you been....?!) check out this event and support Carpe Diem Events.

So what do we have in store for you......?


Nebula Nebula
Yet again we are to be blessed with the presence and skills of this artist. Her artwork is vibrant and really speaks volumes! Come along and she her join the performers on stage as she does live art - literally painting a vivid picture from each word spoken and sung....


Justice Lyric
This bonafide performers has lines that not only bring justice but also true meaning and life to lyrics! You are seriously in for a treat as Justice will draw you into her world of raw and pure emotions and make you feel as though it's just you she's performing to!

Fae Simon
Are you ready to be tumbled into a sea of jazzy melodies, ride the waves of smooth soulful vibes and dip your toes into some blues? You better be because you have no other choice as you will be thoroughly entertained by none other than this amazing singer, spoken word artist and energetic performer.....Fae Simon is also releasing a new album to which your ears will be delighted!

Jonas McCloud
The one who runs with the wolves and has graced the Carpe Diem stage many times spilling positive vibrations is back! That's right, the rapper, producer, MC and spoken word artist who is also about to release some new material will be taking us all to new heights.....get ready to be elevated!


RAspect Fyabinghi
Laaaaard a' mercy!!! A toppa top performer and personification of 'Edutainment' is gonna bless the mic and go in for Congo! If you've never seen or heard of Raspect Fyahbingi just know this.....he's a rapper and MC whose a truth-speaking, sense-seeking, fantastic, bombastic, empowering community activist and ultra dynamic performer! Blouse an skirt that's a poem right there - a dat mi a seh!



Stella Bell-Gam
I'm extremely happy to have back for the second time the founder of Black Study GroupGroup. Stella will be doing a here doing another presentation on her group; the first time she joined us Stella told us that she'll be doing more with this group.
Make sure you're here to see the progress made and find out how to get involved!


ONE Movement

Our Nation Enterprise will be joining in with this event by doing a presentation and I'm really excited! They're a directory connecting the excellence of businesses, freelance workers, community groups and unemployed people.




As always there will be a vegan banquet for only £3 so make sure you turn up early or you'll miss out!


Entry is £5 before 9pm and £7 after. See you there and spread the word!


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