Popola: Queer Afro Latinx Night w/ Colectiva + More!

popola hoots
Popola is extremely excited to present our very special Womxn’s Day Edition!
Bringing the new age of empowerment to different parts of London, Popola creates a fiery music ritual to embrace sensuality, diversity & Queer Femme divine energy by celebrating Afro-Latinx-Caribbean music from femme perspective!
A colourful way to create a safer space, counteract misogyny, entitlement & discrimination.
Giving you as usual a range of pxssy power performances:
COLECTIVA // explore the spaces between Afro-Latin music and Jazz while reflecting on themes of sisterhood and female empowerment.
CHEZA // Bringing some booty shaking beats to get ya popola pussay pumping! Bringing you eclectic sounds from across the continent of Africa, Caribbean & the underground scene in the UK. Serving a blend of sexy bassy afrobeats and bouncy bashment bangers.
Léa + The Sunflowers // Futuristic Afro-Jazz band with a genre-bending sound from high life, to bossa-nova and reggae.
IVICORE // DJ playing great upbeat tunes inspired by Afro, Latin and Caribbean music, from classics, remixes to the latest hits around.

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