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Haifa born, Berlin based Palestinian singer, songwriter and guitarist Rasha Nahas will be presenting two performances at London’s Women of the World Festival, performing new material from her upcoming album “AMRAT” to be released this summer.
For her solo performance on the 11th of March Rasha Nahas will be playing a stripped back set, creating a sound that moves seamlessly between the resonances of early rock ‘n’ roll and the reckless echoes of free jazz, complemented by her distinctive approach to songwriting, storytelling and performance.
The performance comes as part of Rasha Nahas' tour, which saw her perform at the Teddy Awards - Berlin International Film Festival. Rasha will be showcasing musical creations both past and present, giving a sneak preview of some of her upcoming releases in the build up for her upcoming album due out this summer.
Rasha’s upcoming album “AMRAT '' consists of a rich sonic soundscape that brings together oppositions of the urban and the rural, the organic and the processed, the near and the distant. While some tracks weave together classical and rhythm guitar arrangements, percussion, strings, Qaraqeb, there’s “the other side” with more electric guitars and synths. The subject matter of “Amrat” swings between passionate emotions, dark corners of the soul and the diverse connotations a place can signify, shattering borders and binaries and re-imagining the concept of space.
*** Please note that the event takes place at the Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer ***

*** Rasha Nahas will also be performing within the Saturday at WOW line-up. For more details please see ticketing link ***

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