Red Sky At Night!


Peel back the blue velvet curtain and step inside the bohemian haven that is Jamboree. It is one of London's best kept secrets, a space that makes you feel transported into a lost word of creative East Berlin in the early 20th century.

Every Monday tucked inside this warmly inviting den, some of London's most talented, underground professional musicians by night and hard-working buskers of East London's street's by day, come together for an evening of Folk, Roots, Blues, Gypsy Jazz & Americana. This tightknit group of musicians live and breathe the music they play at Jamboree which helps creates an unvarnished and friendly atmosphere with that community feeling; a rare find in the cosmopolitism of London.


Whiskey Moon Face

Whiskey Moon Face is a melt in your ears alternative quartet which explores folk music originating in various parts of the world, with a nod to Eastern European folk. Their style is distinctively unique, yet identifies with many a folk and jazz appreciating taste. Their music reveals influences from early 20th century jazz, vaudeville blues, rag-time and north Indian classical music which is known as Dhrupad.


Louisa Jones is the lead singer of Whiskey Moon Face whose voice is like a soothing baritone wisp which will captivate you in her velvety yet raw and warm range of blues infused melodies. This combined with the Roma gypsy sound of the Accordion, Ewan Bleach's hypnotic and virtuosic clarinet playing, the punchy rhythms of legendary Dakota Jim on double bass and Sam's buoyant banjo playing makes for a captivating musical blend.


Brooke Sharkey

Inspired by gypsy blues and country folk music, Brooke Sharkey is a dedicated troubadour who has carved out an exciting musical niche with expressive and spiralling vocals of delicate English and French ballad's. The themes in her song-writing are achingly personal, presenting the tribulations of life and complex intimacies in all their vibrant, heart-breaking glory.


She is accompanied by Adam Beattie on double bass and backing vocal which brings an added tenderness and weight to the compositions, whilst Alastair Caplin fuels a fire in the songs with his passionate and evocative violin playing, tied together by the rich sound of Jez Houghton's French horn.


Brooke Sharkey is cooking up a delicious ingredient for success with the strength of her songs, the talent of her fellow musicians, pooled with her unique mix of folk, gypsy-Jazz and French ballads. Brooke is one step ahead as it is often not until well into the commercial success of the likes of Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell's did they begin experimenting with other genres and surrounding themselves with a band which takes the songs to new levels which Brooke is already fine-tuning.


Adam Beattie and the Consultants
Adam Beattie and the Consultants are pure folk and blues cross-pollinated with folk-rock, dirty blues and a tiptoeing layer of post-punk sounds. The core of the bands arrangement is Adam Beattie's calm and understated lead vocals akin to that of Adam Green but with the deeply planted wise roots of the likes of Leonard Cohen. Their lullaby like melodies with words are full of meaning without being self-indulgent, notably 'A song of 100 years'. Their music transcends into punchier folk rhythms such as "All I Know".


Their live performances are diverse exposing the bands subtle folky nature as well as their darker side in which the band throw themselves into an emotional performance of helter-skelter violin playing, heavy twisted electric guitar and cutting drums which remains tasteful and heartfelt in the peripherals of folk-rock, comparable to the likes of Neil Young and Dry the River. Their sound is traditionally crafted yet they are contemporary and innovative, which is a potent mix for success.


Weekly residents The Dakota Jim Band:

The Dakota Jim Band are a virtuosic rag-tag ensemble who's musical style carry's a strong rhythmic groove heralding from the 1930's Swing Era. The melodies are sung with a deep and crackled American husk by Dakota Jim; an intriguing and charmingly eccentric character on stage. Their old swing arrangement is conceived by a quirky mixture of authentic Americana, Southern Blues, Folk, and a home-grown undertone of Country.


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